Methodist Cake Stall Is Success Story Of The Summer

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary's

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary’s

A roadside cake stand has been the fundraising success of the summer on St Mary’s.

A selection of freshly baked scones put on sale outside The Manse has raised around £3,000 for the Methodist Church.

The stall closed for the winter on Saturday and Reverend Charlie Gibbs says he’s amazed and moved that it’s done so well.

He says the cakes are freshly baked each day by a team at Porthloo and each pack contains a goodwill message to the purchaser.

Charlie says the demand has been incredible with stock regularly selling out and he’s even had people knocking on his door looking for more.

The baking volunteers were keen not to take trade from retailers but they don’t think that their limited selection of scones and a bit of cake will really affect commercial operators.

The money raised will pay for chapel overheads with most swallowed up by the external refurbishments, which took place this summer and cost £3,000.

And Charlie says the stall will return next summer.

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