Police Called To Hugh Town Pub Fight

Police light 2St Mary’s Police were called out at around 2am on Saturday morning following reports of a fight in town.

A witness called 999 after a fracas developed between two temporary workers outside the Mermaid. The pub had stayed open late with an extension, or ‘TENS’ licence.

Following the pub emptying out, one man hit another man. Sergeant Colin Taylor said he was there within minutes and although the disturbance had ended when he arrived, it was clear that one male was displaying facial marks indicating that he had been hit.

The man didn’t want to take the matter further but Colin says the fight is now logged and will appear on the islands’ crime figures because it was an emergency call.

The victim did want police to have a word with his assailant. Collin caught up with him on Saturday and says the man was apologetic. Sgt Taylor says it was a drink-fuelled incident.

Over the weekend Devon and Cornwall police officers had been asked to tweet examples of alcohol-related incidents that they had been called to.

Nothing had happened here until this very late call out. Colin tweeted the details and says Scilly provided one of the last drinking incidents that police in the region dealt with following the Friday night revelry.