Fishy Business At St Mary’s Police Station

police goldfishPolice on St Mary’s are investigating some fishy business that took place on Saturday night.

Sergeant Colin Taylor returned from his patrols around the island at 2am to discover, to his surprise, a live goldfish was twitching on the ground outside the police station entrance.

Colin says there were no people around at that time of night, Hugh Town was quiet and he says it’s a mystery where the fish came from and who or what put it there.

Colin says he quickly opened the police station door and placed the gasping fish in a bowl of water, just in the nick of time.

He says the police station’s resident cat nicknamed ‘PC Mowgli’ has been grilled.

“I felt his paws but they were dry,” Colin says.

So this has left our islands’ police chief with a puzzle to solve. If you have an outdoor pond and you’re missing a goldfish he would like you to get in touch. In the meantime Colin is left with one of the most unusual found property items on the police station’s property log.

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