Road Resurfacing Decisions Explained To Councillors

Mount Flagon Road

Mount Flagon Road

Some roads on St Mary’s won’t be resurfaced because they’re not used enough, too expensive or present technical challenges.

At Tuesday’s Transport Committee meeting, the Council’s Senior Manager for Development, Diana Mompoloki, explained to councillors how the authority decided which roads to treat.

The original budget of £1.45m found from the Council’s budget was increased with £1.8m of Department for Transport funding over the summer, meaning more streets could go on the list.

Diana said priority for highways in Hugh Town came highest. That’s because they get so much use and also because it’s felt it would improve the look of the town – a major gateway for tourists.

Mount Flagon isn’t well used, but costs a lot to maintain, so was worth the investment.

Diana says many people were surprised by parts of Holy Vale being resurfaced. That’s because it’s now a B-road after being adopted decades ago.

But she said it’s “quite exciting” that the islands now have their first roundabout in Holy Vale.

There has been some disappointment expressed by islanders on social media about some roads not being dealt with.

There wasn’t enough money for Town Lane and High Lanes and Diana said there are major water mains there too, which are likely to get dug up.

Money also couldn’t stretch to Porthloo, although another problem there was trying to get the heavy machinery past the duck pond.

And Sally Port and Little Porth have a concrete surface, which is difficult to cover with tarmac.

Finally, Hospital Lane wasn’t in a very bad condition and Diana said it would have been too difficult to coordinate its closure.

Diana asked islanders to mind their speed. She says there’s evidence that people are driving faster because the roads are so quiet.

Cllr James Francis said jokingly that parts of the island’s road network were “like Silverstone” and that we could hold a half-decent rally here now.

Several councillors praised Lagan Construction for  their work. Cllr Fraser Hicks said they’d done a “first class job” and completed the work with the minimum amount of disruption to drivers.

Diana says a machine to paint new lines, including legally enforceable double-yellows, will be arriving over the next month.

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