Part Of Garrison Defences Could Fall Into Sea Soon

star castle garrisonIt could be your last chance to see a part of the remaining Civil War defences on the Garrison.

Allan Brodie, an expert on Scilly’s ancient defences from English Heritage, says the small earthwork battery by King Charles Battery is about to fall into the sea.

He spotted it while taking a boat over to St Agnes this week.

Allan says it’s not a very spectacular structure, consisting of a low wall about two stones high, which would have held a cannon. But he says similar sites like these are rare on the mainland, which is why the Garrison in Scilly is so important.

He says it’s just another small piece of our history that’s being lost to the sea

Allan says they’ve known it was going to go for some time but there’s nothing they can do about it.

“It’s inevitable” says Allan, adding that “bits of the Garrison have been falling apart since the 18th century.”

Over the past decade English Heritage has made extra efforts to document the site, so they have a record for the future.

Allan says there are several areas around the Garrison at risk, including part of the wall near Benham’s Battery overlooking Porthcressa. That’s needed to be reinforced with concrete bags to stop erosion.

Allan says you should enjoy it while you can.

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