Vintage Car Emerges From Porthmellon Storage After 35 Years

jim heslin vintage carAnother vintage vehicle will soon be on the roads of St Mary’s.

Jim Heslin says he will restore an old car, which he has just taken out of storage.

His Coventry-built, 12 horsepower Armstrong Siddeley was placed in a sealed container on Porthmellon Industrial Estate 35 years ago.

He encased the car in an airtight metal box when he bought it, to protect it from the islands’ sea air, which hastens rusting.

Jim says the car was overhauled and partially restored in the 1960s and he now has the time to fully restore the distinctive old car, which features a concertina-style, folding bonnet and the original registration plate.

He says he’ll put in the effort to make the car roadworthy before he puts it on the market.