Councillor Challenges Minutes Over Schiller Shelter Opening Hours

The Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa

The Schiller Shelter at Porthcressa

A St Mary’s Councillor has challenged the accuracy of Planning and Development Meeting minutes after they appeared to imply officers were working on a solution to keeping the Schiller Shelter open out of hours.

Last year, volunteers manned the shelter in the evenings and at weekends to ensure holidaymakers had somewhere to go if the weather was bad.

In July, St Mary’s councillor Gordon Bilsborough asked if any provision had been made to keep the public facility open when the TIC wasn’t in operation.

Senior Manager for Infrastructure, Craig Dryden, told him that nothing had been decided and he’d “look into it.”

But Gordon complained that the minutes of that meeting said it “was being organised and would be announced shortly.”

Craig admitted that nothing had actually been organised and because it was late in the season they decided not to go ahead.

He agreed to correct in the minutes.

Gordon said perhaps something would happen next year “if we still have the TIC.”