St Martin’s Business Can Build Storage Barn

st martins from tolls island  2The owner of a holiday lettings business on St Martin’s has been given permission to build a new storage shed.

Keith Bradford asked to build the 14m by 8m wooden unit on land at Lower Town Barns.

Keith, who was formerly the manager of St Martin’s Hotel, said in his application that he could no longer use storage and laundry facilities at the hotel site.

He needs new, dry storage for materials for his business.

Senior Manager for Planning, Craig Dryden, said the design and scale was acceptable but it needed some extra screening on one side.

He also recommended conditions that meant it could only be used for storage of business material and that no further items could be stored out in the open.

St Martin’s councillor Christine Savill said the landscaping was important because although the shed was well hidden close up, it was clearly visible from above on Middle Town Hill.

But she asked how the Council could enforce the restrictions on storing items in the open.

Craig also said advice on nearby archaeological sites would be needed from Cornwall Council.