Planners Agree Holiday Let Conversion To Private Home

spanish ledgeA Hugh Town flat can switch to being occupied permanently, despite complaints from neighbours that it would increase noise and disturbance.

The owners of number 6 Spanish Ledge Flats on The Parade asked planners to remove a condition that was imposed in 1985 when the building was converted into holiday apartments.

It stopped anyone living there on a full-time basis.

Senior Manager for Infrastructure and Planning Craig Dryden told councillors at last Thursday’s Planning Committee meeting that there was no valid reason to deny the request.

The property is on the market and in a supporting letter, the applicant said several locals were interested in acquiring it but were put off by the restrictions on occupancy.

Craig said there had been objections from the owners of five neighbouring flats, mainly focused on increased noise, problems with access and the loss of properties for holiday rental.

He said these were not material although that confused Cllr Fran Grottick who pointed out that his report stated that anything affecting the amenity of neighbours should be taken into account.

Craig said he couldn’t see why a flat being occupied by one tenant permanently was likely to cause more disturbance than one occupied by several different people.

Cllr Colin Daly also asked if this set a precedent allowing other holiday let owners to convert properties to permanent use.

Craig said each application would be judged on its own merits.

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