Motorist Arrested For Alleged Drink Driving On St Mary’s

police landrover backAnother motorist has been arrested for alleged drink driving.

Police officers PC Mat Crowe and Sergeant Colin Taylor breathalysed a male motorist in Old Town on Friday night. The breath test appeared positive but a blood sample will now be analysed on the mainland to determine whether the temporary worker was actually over the limit.

This is the sixth arrest in less than a year, with four convictions so far, and Colin is appealing for anyone who suspects a driver has been drinking in excess of the limit to call 999.

Police are also still looking for two drivers who took cars without consent in separate incidents over the summer. Colin suspects drink may have been involved in those incidents too.

He says reporting drink drivers isn’t “grassing” and could help keep people alive on Scilly’s roads.

Colin feels that drink driving is a problem for the islands and he says islanders should try to help him deal with it by providing information. That will be treated in complete confidence, he says, and people won’t have to appear in court as a witness.

Last Friday magistrates banned a St Mary’s resident from driving for being just 1mg alcohol per 100ml blood over the legal limit of 80mg alcohol.

Colin says there’s no leeway, when you’re over the limit you should not be driving.

He says that same rules applies to the off-islands and, if there’s information suggesting drink driving, the police will potentially turn out to investigate.