Scilly’s Emperor Crew Are Queens Of The Invitation Gig Weekend

newquay gig weekend 2013It was a successful weekend for Scilly’s women rowers, as they took on visiting gig crew from Padstow and Newquay for the Ladies’ Invitation Weekend.

The Spy from Newquay and the Brabyn from Padstow joined local boats Serica, Golden Eagle and Emperor on the water.

The Emperor won all the races although the row back to St Mary’s from St Martins yesterday was a ‘mix up’ competition – names were drawn out of a hat to allocate rowers to the boats.

The choppy conditions delayed the Sunday rowing because it took longer to get out.

Carol Bowes-Allcock rows with Newquay and usually comes over for the World Championships, but hasn’t been to the Ladies’ Invitation Weekend for 14 years.

She says finding the time can be an issue, but there was an added draw this year – she came for the Hen Party of one her fellow rowers, Jules Arthur, the future sister-in-law of Scilly men’s rower Andrew King.

Carol says the competition during the weekend isn’t as serious as the May championships with more social events and plenty of partying.

Newquay rower Mel Flynn agreed, saying she comes to enjoy the atmosphere. “It’s like meeting friends that we haven’t seen for a long time,” she added.