Pub Signs Finally Approved Four Months After Chaotic Council Meeting

Atlantic Hotel

Atlantic Hotel

The Atlantic Inn will finally be able to put up new signs, four months after a chaotic Planning Committee meeting deferred their application.

At the time, councillors argued about the size, colour and wording on the signs, with some admitting that they didn’t know what they were voting for.

They asked the Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, to go away and negotiate with the applicant.

In the end, the sign at the front was reduced in size and a second hanging board removed. There’s also a switch from the original wording on two small signs over the doors from ‘Hotel Reception’ and ‘Eat, Drink’ to ‘Reception’ and ‘Welcome.’

The owners of the Mermaid Inn took a different approach to their new signs.

They put them up earlier this year, following a refurbishment, without getting planning permission.

A retrospective application was assessed at last Thursday’s Planning Meeting.

Craig said the designs were acceptable and recommended them for approval, although a neighbour had complained about the lighting on the signs.

Cllr Fran Grottick asked if the Council could have “a friendly discussion” with the pub owners, to see if the lighting could be softened. Craig said he could write to them with that request.

Councillors voted to approve the signs. Joint owner of the business, Cllr James Francis left the chamber while the application was being discussed.

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