St Mary’s Harbour Update 14th September- from Dale Clark

Here’s the update from Harbourmaster Dale Clark.

Wave Wall
The filling of the wall tie holes and smoothing off to a final finish is expected to be completed by the end of the week bringing an end to the wave wall project.

Quay Surface
They await the arrival of additional expansion joint filler and when this is here, work will continue. It is hope to have all joints filled by the end of September. As the digger has now been removed from the quay head, a temporary surface will be placed (compacted 803) in the "D" section of the quay head when the area has been cleared and cleaned.

Trench Works
The final area of trench work to be completed is an area which runs across the entrance to the rear working yard. We will liaise closely with BBS as to when the best time to excavate this area and advise all prior to closing access.

Harbourside Building
Works to the interior of the building continue.

Scillonian III / Gry Maritha
The Scillonian III is now on a 6 day a week schedule with the Saturday visits returning to the usual times i.e. 12pm arrival and 16:30 departure. The Gry Maritha continues her usual 3 visits per week schedule.

Please do not bring vehicles onto the quay if they are not being loaded immediately – there is no parking space available for commercial vans to wait to be loaded!

Off Island Quays
The temporary storage sheds are on the quay. Please keep them tidy and in good order.
The off island pick-up/drop off is open 24/7 and people are requested to use this rather than clutter up the waiting room.

Cruise Ships
The Bremen (136 passengers) will visit St. Mary’s and Tresco today, Sunday 14th and the Hanseatic (approx. 180 passengers) is expected on Wednesday 17th.

Other Ships
The landing craft Arromanches successfully removed the 25t swing shovel from the quay on Friday night and will remain in the harbour over the next day or two to assist in cleaning up spilt aggregate and also possibly remove some equipment. She also delivered the final shipment of bitumen for the airport project. Shoreline surveys completed a bathymetric survey of the harbour and also Porthloo area and this data has just been received

Quay works
A bat survey and water/sediment surveys were completed last week by Kier. Further trial holes are expected in the area expected to be widened as part of the project in the coming weeks. We are due to hold a meeting with them on Wednesday morning to discuss programming and freight issues. It is hoped to hold a Harbour Users Group meeting soon and Dale will advise date/time when known.