Hugh Street Closed To Traffic Saturday And Sunday Evening

Lagan Construction say that preparation works in advance of resurfacing will commence on The Bank and Hugh Street today, Saturday, at around 4.30pm.

These preparation works will comprise raising of manhole covers and frames and localised planing so that the new asphalt surface can be laid within the existing kerb levels. The road will close overnight and reopen at around 6.30am on Sunday.

Main resurfacing works are scheduled to commence on Sunday 14th September again at around 4:30 pm . Works will start at the Mermaid and Bank Area and will progress towards the Town Hall.

Hugh Street will re-open by 6:30 am Monday.

During the period of preparation and during resurfacing of Hugh Street there will be no access beyond The Paper Shop except for emergency vehicles which can enter the end of Hugh Street by passing Garrison Lane and Jerusalem Terrace. Access along Jerusalem Terrace will be under radio escort and will strictly be for emergency vehicles.
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