Sunday Flying Needs To Start Says Scilly’s Skybus Boss

skybus-planes-at-airportThe Steamship Company Chief Executive says it’s not a case of “if” but “when” Sunday flying will start.

Rob Goldsmith says the islands’ tourism economy is improving and the company has seen its first period of growth in a decade.

And in 2015, Rob says Skybus will offer “the biggest flying programme” in its history.

The upgrade of the Land’s End Airport facilities will end the downtime caused by waterlogging, which means more flights should run and, with improved scheduling, there should be more available seats than ever before.

Rob believes that Sunday flying should also be part of that growth.

The company hasn’t finalised 2015 timetables and currently the Council-run airport can’t provide air traffic control cover for a Sunday service because of staff shortages.

Rob hopes that will change. He says the days of Scilly being a six-day-a-week transport destination are numbered. Sunday flying has “got to come at some point,” he says.

Rob says many tourism businesses and expert advisors say Sunday flying is essential in Scilly.

Visitors don’t want to break up two working weeks, says Rob, and the current lack of Sunday travel options means we’re effectively saying “you come to Scilly when we determine you come to Scilly.”

He says we have to be more accommodating and flexible to compete with other tourist destinations.

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