Park House Capacity Needs To be Raised With Council Says A Healthwatch Director

Park House

Park House

The question of sufficient capacity at the islands’ care home Park House needs to be raised with the Town Hall.

That’s according to a Healthwatch director, Gordon Bilsborough, who raised his concerns at yesterday’s AGM for the islands’ health watchdog.

Gordon told the meeting that it was important to find out whether the Council has enough resources to care for our older population. He said Park House appeared to be “full” and he didn’t want to see anyone “shunted off to the mainland.”

Healthwatch also won’t be pursuing calls for improved access to a female GP at the Health Centre.

A straw poll conducted by the group earlier this year didn’t get a resounding response and it wasn’t enough to build a case for an extra female GP for the islands, said their report of activities over the last six months.

A third male doctor, Dr James Ross was appointed to the Health Centre team in April.

Fifteen members turned up for the meeting and two new board members were recruited.

Julia Day and Chris Douglas were elected and they’ll join existing directors Gordon Bilsborough, Paul Charnock, Jane Hurd and Barbara Jones.

The meeting heard that Carol Clarke had been asked to address representatives from the other 151 Healthwatch groups across England at their National Conference.

Carol said it was clear that Scilly, which is the smallest Healthwatch in the country, shares many issues with other remote areas.

In its first full year since changing from the old Link4Scilly organisation, the group has managed to build good connections with healthcare providers in the region. But Carol said they often had to cover the same ground over and over again as staff change so fast in the health service

The organisation will continue to push for improvements in medical travel arrangements for Scilly this year. They’re also partnering with the Council to make it easier to point people to the services they need.

Carol says there’s a need to understand how changes to the way social care is provided will impact islanders.