Engineers Assessing Winter Storm Damage To Beaches

coastal erosionSurveys of coastal areas on St Mary’s and Bryher, badly affected by the winter storms, are being undertaken this week.

Two mainland-based engineers have been assessing the cost of sea defence repairs.

They’ve studied the gap in the dunes on the Carn Thomas side of the Porthmellon Beach bank.

At the height of the bad winter weather, the sea surged through the slipway towards Island Carriers and there are concerns that this vulnerable section of dune has been weakened by loss of rock.

The bank underpins the main Telegraph Road.

They’ve also surveyed the area near to the path by the allotments at Buzza Hill, at Porthcressa and Porth Minick, and the seaward side of the bay near Nowhere in the Old Town area.

Bryher’s Popplestones Bay has been visited too.

Their engineers’ estimate will go to the Environment Agency, who are said to be keen to prioritise essential works ahead of this winter. It’s hoped that the Council will receive the funds to allow for the relatively minor works to go ahead within the next two months.