Aggregate Unloading Overnight Tonight and Tomorrow

The River Trader arrived in St Mary’s this morning – Thursday 11th September-
with a cargo of aggregates for the island road projects.

The offloading operations will start after the departure of the Scillonian at 4:30
pm. Lagan will commence bringing equipment through the town between this time and 5
pm. The plant moving into position will be the wheeled excavator and tractors with
empty trailers. Movement of loaded vehicles is expected to commence between 5:30 and
6:00 pm.

If Lagan are unable to complete the off-loading in 1 night they will continue on the evening of
Friday 12th September starting at the same time as Thursday night.

On Friday 12th the landing craft MV Arromanches will berth at 8:00 am to offload
a cargo of bitumen boxes. This expected to take 2 to 3 hours. The bitumen will be hauled by
the carriers on their lorries.

The route for the tractors and trailers will be from the Quay, via Hugh Street, Church Street, the Old School, Telegraph Road, Parting Carn Farm and to the site. The return journey will be the same with the empty trailers passing along the Strand rather than Church Street.

On Thursday evening they will use 7 tractors and trailers run in 3 pairs and one
running singly whilst the bulk of the material is offloaded. This should continue up to 2 am (Friday)

Lagan Construction Ltd sincerely apologise for any disturbance this essential operation causes and
thank you in advance for your continuing co-operation.

Please contact them on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.