Emergency Services Drill Tests Islands’ Response To Accident

emergency exercise 2 2014

The community bus doubled as a crashed plane for the exercise.

Emergency services carried out a drill on Porthloo Green last night, responding to a simulated plane crash.

The airport called the 999 services, including the police, fire, ambulance, coastguard and lifeboat at 7pm. The first responder was on the scene at 7.10pm.

Steve Sims’ community bus was used as a makeshift crashed plane and it was filled with non-toxic smoke to add realism to the scene as firecrew helped injured ‘passengers’ out.

Steve said he didn’t mind his bus being used. The smoke effects wear off quite quickly, he said, and he’s grateful for the free cleaning as the firecrew used the water jet on it.

Theatre Club Chairman Gail Sibley and Council staff acted as crash victims on the bus.

There were also reports that a person had been located in the sea, which required investigation.