Councillor Makes Bid To Hold TIC Debate In Public

tourist info schiller shelterA St Mary’s councillor has made a formal request to allow the public to view Thursday’s debate over the future of the TIC.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough says he’s asked the relevant officers to review the decision to hold it behind closed doors and they’re taking legal advice.

He feels it’s important that the public observe what is happening and says it “won’t do anything for the Council’s image” if they’re denied that.

Press and public can be excluded from Council meetings if it’s likely sensitive personal or business information will be discussed. But it’s up to elected members to decide by taking a vote before the item is discussed.

Gordon says the reasoning behind the proposal to put the TIC out to tender need to be in the public domain. The other confidential information can be discussed privately later, he says.

What’s Your View?

He says several islanders have already spoken to him to try to make the debate open.

Gordon says people’s main concern sees to be that, whatever is decided, the future of the service is assured.

He wants a ‘cast iron guarantee’ that anyone bidding to take on the TIC will ensure it continues long term and isn’t “dumped” after a couple of years.

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