‘Urgent’ Search For New Post Worker For St Martin’s

post box post office 2Some people might see it as a dream job but Royal Mail is struggling to find a new part-time postperson for St Martin’s.

Delivery Manager for Cornwall and Scilly, Chris Salt, says they’ve extended the advert for a third time to 13th September in the hope of finding a suitable candidate.

He says they’re keen to recruit locally for the job, but adds that it’s often a challenge finding new employees in Scilly, especially on the off-islands.

It’s effectively a job share with another employee, working three days a week for three and a half hours and providing holiday cover.

It became vacant after the previous delivery worker Cheryl Davis left after 15 years service.

Chris says Lindsay Rodger and her team on St Mary’s have been excellent helping to cover the gap, but they might have to resort to sending someone over from Penzance to maintain the deliveries.

The Royal Mail’s Universal Service Obligation means they have to provide a delivery on the islands six days a week.

But if you were hoping for a shiny new delivery bike, you might be disappointed.

Chris says the success of online shopping from companies like Amazon means there’s been a considerable shift from delivering letters to larger parcels. It means that bike’s are no longer the best mode of transport, so each of the off-islands are getting new Royal Mail vans.

There’ll be one for each of the off-islands except Tresco and a third van for St Mary’s. That means any candidate will need a full driving licence.

Chris says their search for a new postal worker is urgent and anyone who is keen to apply should contact St Mary’s Post Office for more information.

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