Major Emergency Exercise Taking Place On St Mary’s This Evening

emergency planning signIf you see flashing blue lights and hear sirens or unusual noise this evening, don’t be alarmed.

Emergency services are testing how they would respond to an aviation incident during a planned event, ‘Exercise Mercury.’

Police, fire and ambulance teams, health centre staff, coastguard and lifeboat volunteers are all taking part and islanders will be joined by some mainland colleagues.

They’ll be asked to deal with a realistic scenario somewhere on St Marys but they won’t know where and what it is until it happens.

The airport is arranged the event to satisfy Civil Aviation Authority guidelines for emergency planning. The various agencies should be able to identify any weaknesses that need addressing.

The regular drills alternate between so-called table-top exercises and full-scale reconstructions.

A member of St Mary’s Theatre Club will be asked to play an injured person to add to the realism.

In December 2009, in the most extensive test in recent years responders had to deal with a simulated early evening private plane crash near Deep Point.