Bishop Rock To Feature In New Travel Guide

Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson

Scilly’s Bishop Rock will appear in a book about some of the planet’s most extreme locations.

‘100 Record-Breaking Travel Destinations’ is a new guide being written by Somerset-based author Samantha Wilson.

Samantha says Bishop Rock is officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest island in the world with a building on it.

She says there was no chance of visiting many of the places she’s writing about, but living in the Southwest, Scilly was one of the destinations she could get to.

The Islands’ Partnership arranged for Samantha to make her trip to Bishop Rock on the 25th August, although she said it was touch-and-go, and they only had an hour to get there before the weather closed in.

The tiny island will get a double-page spread in the glossy publication, which will also include information on Scilly as a whole.

Samantha says she chose locations because of the record holder, but the area they’re in also needs to be a worthwhile destination to visit.

And she hasn’t been disappointed with Scilly.

She says the islands are “one of those places everyone in England needs to visit.” She loved the laid back feel, the honesty boxes and the impression that you get of “stepping back in time.”

And she said it was a “wild and sobering feeling” to look out from Bishop Rock, knowing it’s the last bit of the British Isles before America.

Other locations in the book include Stromboli in Italy, the longest continuously erupting volcano in the world, and the largest manmade reef – a sunken aircraft carrier off the coast of Florida.

Samantha’s hoping the book will be published early next year.