Council’s Boating Committee Meeting To Discuss Incident

sea and rocksThe Council’s Boating Sub-committee has called an urgent meeting for next Thursday to discuss a serious incident between two boats on the 28th August.

Radio Scilly understands the incident happened at around 10.30am, just past the Bacon Ledge, as two vessels came into contact with each other heading from St Mary’s to Tresco.

A Marine Accident Investigation Branch spokesperson confirmed they had been notified and said the MAIB is “making initial enquiries through correspondence.”

The Boating Sub-committee has powers to issue, test and renew boatmen and vessel licences although these duties are normally delegated to the Maritime Officer, Steve Watt.

There was an urgent request at Monday’s Full Council meeting to reappoint members to the committee so they could meet.

Councillors were last elected to the Boating Sub-committee in July 2013, and membership was supposed to have been renewed this summer. Steve says an administrative error meant it wasn’t put on the agenda.

Cllrs James Francis, Andy Guy, Steve Sims and Chris Thomas were appointed.

Thursday’s meeting will not be open to the press or public.