Scilly’s YouTube Advert Delivered To Six Million Viewers

Jo and Callum shooting their video on Porthmellon Beach

Jo Downie and Callum Shone shooting their video on Porthmellon Beach

Six million people have now viewed a promotional video of Scilly on YouTube, commissioned by the Islands’ Partnership. That’s double the peak audience for ‘An Island Parish,’ the TV show credited with boosting tourism here last decade.

And more footage for the islands’ YouTube channel is being filmed over the next few days.

Jo Downie from marketing agency Wolf Rock says they pay to run short adverts in front of other videos that people are viewing on the site. These are targeted to viewers who are looking at related subjects such as wildlife.

Jo said the web adverts work well and it’s a very cost effective way of reaching large numbers of people.

Now the Partnership is hoping to increase the massive exposure that the videos, which were produced two years ago, have already generated for Scilly.

Jo says people can click off the adverts after five seconds, so those first few moments need to be very powerful to grab the viewer’s attention.

Yesterday former Tresco resident Callum Shone was filming activities and scenery on St Mary’s and they’ll be shooting footage on the off-islands today.

Callum says there’s a lot of work to do when he gets back to the mainland, making sure the films are edited well and adding the right music.

That’s important says Jo because it’s all about making sure the right image of Scilly is conveyed, and creating an emotional connection with the viewer.