Island Author Turning Hand To Fiction Writing

richard larn 2014A Scilly author best known for his maritime and history books is turning to fiction writing.

Richard Larn has published over 58 books on shipwrecks and the sea. He’s recently launched a biography of Augustus Smith, the man who transformed Tresco.

Now, for the first time, he’s written two works of fiction, both with a nautical connection.

‘Captor’ is set against the Falklands conflict and the sinking of the Belgrano.

Richard’s second novel is still being written. Provisionally titled ‘The Silent Killer’ it concerns the millions of tons of munitions, nerve gas and bombs dumped by Britain in the Irish Sea between 1918 and 1955.

Richard says some of that deadly arsenal is now corroding and it represents a potential environmental disaster.

Writing fiction has been an eye opener, he says, and is “a whole new ballgame” from his usual non-fiction.

Richard says he hadn’t appreciated just how much discipline is required creating the stories, characters and situations “out of your head, from nothing.”

His next challenge will be finding a publisher for his work. Richard says that’s not going to be easy and he isn’t sure when the books will be in the shops.