Extra Cruise Ship Visit For Scilly As Companies Avoid West Africa

cmv astorScilly will be getting an extra cruise ship visit next spring because the operating company is rerouting vessels to avoid West Africa.

The Astor, owned by Cruise and Maritime Voyages, had been due to stop in several areas countries affected by the Ebola virus during her 46-night sailing from Australia to the UK.

It means she’ll arrive 8 days early, so the company have added a ‘Round Britain’ trip to their schedule, stopping in Scilly on the 29th April.

CMV spokesperson, Paul Foster, says they decided to remove the African ports from their itinerary on the advice of health experts. But he says they had no hesitation including Scilly in their new tour at short notice.

The company, which also own the Marco Polo and Funchal, has been visiting the islands for five years now and Paul says it always proves a popular port of call with passengers.

And he says it’s a good way for their passengers who live in Britain to make a trip to Scilly. Most go to Tresco Abbey Gardens, although more people are also taking trips to St Mary’s or boat safaris to see the seals.

And he praised the work of the Harbour team in Scilly who help organise the cruise ship visits.

Paul says St Mary’s is a tender port, meaning they have to ferry passengers from the vessel by smaller boats. He says this “always works very well” here.