Construction Projects To Pay For Water Use

roadworks 2014The Council has confirmed that the amount of water being used for ongoing construction work on St Mary’s is being measured and will be charged for at the end of the project.

Some islanders had questioned whether water rate payers in Scilly would be subsidising the production of water for the construction work.

But the Council has responded as part of a Freedom of Information request, saying the money will be recouped.

It follows an internal email sent last month by the Council’s Senior Manager for Infrastructure, Craig Dryden, which said the airport and road resurfacing works were partly to blame for low water levels on the island this summer.

Cllr Steve Sims, the Chair of the General Purposes Committee, which looks after water services, said the water table was a third of its normal level. The Council had originally said that dry weather and increased visitor numbers were responsible for the drought.

The Authority introduced a hosepipe ban on August 1st in an effort to conserve supplies, although it later emerged that the Isles of Scilly does not fall under the legislation used.