St Mary’s Roadworks Update Friday 29th August


Boat Park by Rechabite Slip

Works in this area comprise sweeping, preparation and surfacing. They are scheduled to commence at around 2:00pm and are not expected to take any more than 2 hours.

Whilst this work is being done in this area there will be congestion and limited access in the boat park and on the slip. Our personnel will assist anybody wishing to pass


Thoroughfare Slip

After completion of the boat park mentioned above a small squad will prepare this area ready for asphalting – hand sweeping and shovelling. Resurfacing works will take place after completion of Tregarthen’s car park (see below for details).

Whilst this area is being resurfaced the vehicular access along Thoroughfare will be very limited so if you really need to access this in a car please allow as much time as possible.


Tregarthen’s Car Park

This area is scheduled to be prepared and resurfaced following the completion of the boat park adjacent to the Rechabite Slip. Works are expected to commence here at approximately 4:00pm. The access to the quay along the side the houses on the far side of the car park will not be resurfaced at this stage – this will be done later after completion of the haulage of aggregates from the ships. Therefore access to the Quay will be maintained whilst this work is going on although there could be delays and reduced usage would mitigate this. All pedestrian access to and from the Quay during this period of works should be via the road between the chemists and The Mermaid.


All work areas will be cordoned off while work proceeds but please be warned not to touch or walk on the asphalt as it will be hot and can burn.

Lagan Construction Ltd sincerely apologises for any disturbance this essential operation causes and thanks you in advance for your continuing co-operation and forbearance.

Please contact us on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.
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