Creative Writing Course Returning To Scilly

Paul Dodgson

Paul Dodgson

Everyone has a story to tell. That’s the view of Paul Dodgson who’s returning to Scilly in October to run his creative writing course.

Paul runs his sessions all over the UK and abroad, but he feels the islands are the ideal place for budding authors to find inspiration.

Most of the people signing up for his week-long training are from the mainland. Some are regular visitors who want to experience Scilly in a new way, while others will be visiting for the first time.

But Paul says the physical isolation of the islands, where even getting a phone signal can be difficult, means that people have to “step out of their daily life,” giving them a chance to concentrate on their writing.

And he says the amazing landscapes here seem to “declutter” people’s minds and bring out the most extraordinary talent in his students.

Paul’s course focuses on ‘life writing,’ where authors use their own experiences to tell a story.

He says people often tell him nothing much has happened in their lives, but he says you only have to spend a couple of minutes digging around to realise it has. And he says for some people, the process of writing about their past can have a very therapeutic effect.

Paul has been running his course here once a year and would like to do it more regularly. But he says there are lots of similar courses in the UK and he needs to get this one established, so it’s “something people have heard of.”

He says he’d certainly want to spend more time on St Mary’s if he can.

Paul’s course is being held at Carnwethers Guesthouse from 4th to the 11th October.