Spiritual Maze Returning To Porthcressa Beach

labyrinth porthcressa 2013A maze will be scooped from the sand on Porthcressa on Tuesday as part of an annual religious event designed to encourage islanders and visitors to think about and address their problems and concerns.

Andrew Nicholson is based in Truro at the Methodist Youth Enabler group.

He will be overseeing the construction of the huge, 13m wide labyrinth which people can walk through. Andrew says the idea is for people to pick up an object that represents their problem and release it in the centre.

The structure takes some time to cut out and he’d be grateful for any volunteers after 10.30am on Tuesday, as he’s not bringing many helpers over this year.

Andrew says each year hundreds of locals and tourists take part and some want to talk openly about their personal issues and problems. He says they often say the session was a great help.

The event was originally scheduled for yesterday but was cancelled because of weather concerns.