Scilly’s Register Office Introduces New ‘Tell Us Once’ System

Porthcressa Register Office

Porthcressa Register Office

A new system has been introduced at the islands’ Register Office, which it’s hoped will take some of the distress out of registering the death of a loved one.

Senior Registrar Alison Gardner says the new ‘Tell Us Once’ approach means relatives won’t have to spend days contacting different Government agencies like the Department for Work and Pensions, the DVLA, and the Passport and Tax Offices.

Each one usually asks for a separate copy of the certificate at a cost of £4 each.

Now it will all happen seamlessly with just a single visit.

Alison says it will save time, but more importantly it will take away some of the heartache involved. She says people don’t want to be dealing with bureaucracy at a time of such great loss.

Scilly is one of the last authorities in the country to introduce the system, which was started around three years ago. Alison says that’s partly due to the low numbers of registrations involved here.

All registrars using the system have had to be specially vetted to use the secure computer network involved.