Islanders Take The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

Harbourmaster Dale Clark takes the challenge.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark takes the challenge.

It was a wet and chilly start for the St Mary’s Harbour team yesterday. But it had nothing to do with the weather – they were drenched to raise cash for motor neurone research.

In front of an audience of islanders and bemused visitors, John Morley, Mark Jones, Dale Clark, Alan Hartwell and Mike Shave lined up to take the ‘ice bucket challenge.’

The craze, which started in the US but spread rapidly across the globe through social media, involves people being dowsed in freezing cold water in aid of charity.

John says the idea to take part came to him on Friday evening “after two or three glasses of wine” and once he’d mentioned it, he couldn’t back out.

And after the experience, John said it was “pretty cold” but worth it for the charity.

A shivering Harbourmaster Dale Clark said he “just wanted to go home and get changed.” But he said he intends to make John “suffer for the rest of the year” for coming up with the idea.

The event raised £130 for motor neurone disease in less than 5 minutes.