Police Seek Woman Over Alleged St Martin’s Shoplifting Incident

police station 4St Mary’s Police say they’d like to trace a woman following an alleged shoplifting incident on St Martin’s on the 14th August.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says she was caught on the CCTV footage at Fay Page’s studio, around the time a silver necklace and seashell pendant went missing. It was wrapped around a small display bottle, which was also taken.

The woman is in her late 40’s or early 50’s, sturdy build and about 5 foot 3 inches tall. She had a straight, bleached bob haircut with dark roots and possibly wears a vest top.

Colin says she’s reported to have a strong West Country accent.

She was accompanied by a boy in his late teens with dark hair in a bunched pony tail, and a girl in her early teens, with light brown hair also in a pony tail.

Colin says the timing suggests they weren’t day-trippers and it’s not thought the group was staying on St Martin’s.

He’s keen to know if any accommodation owners in Scilly recognise the description so he can contact the woman.