Broadband Speeds Suddenly Back To Normal On St Mary’s

bt microwave link telegraphNormal broadband speed was restored to St Mary’s yesterday afternoon.

For a week, islanders have been complaining about difficulty doing business on line.

The Islands Partnership encouraged members to register their dissatisfaction with internet providers after concerns that business was suffering. Partnership staff were sent home again yesterday because they couldn’t work online in their office

A BT spokeswoman maintained yesterday that it was the number of visitors using the web connection creating the slow-down. The microwave link with the mainland only has capacity of 148Mbps per second.

But a number of islanders didn’t buy that excuse and went onto social media to say so.

Martin Goodey told us that internet access was difficult ‘around the clock’ and he says only youngsters would be using it very late at night, while playing online games.

And yesterday Old Town resident Anthea Roberts played Radio Scilly an answerphone message from a BT engineer, who explained that a fault at the exchange was to blame.

Martin has urged BT to “come clean.” We’ve asked them again why net access was so difficult but we’ve had no further response from BT.

Consumer campaign group Which told us that they have produced ready-to-send letters which can be posted to internet providers if customers believe their contract of service has been broken through downtime.

BT chose not to respond to our question on whether islanders could pursue compensation.

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