Police Hunt for ‘Shocking’ Driver After Head-on Crash

damaged car police Aug 2014St Mary’s Police are appealing for information about who was driving a car erratically around St Mary’s on Sunday evening.

It collided with an oncoming vehicle, caused damage to a building and smashed into signboards.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the vehicle was stolen from the Porthcressa area of Hugh Town.

It reversed into the notice boards near Park House, before heading up Church Street where it mounted the kerb.

It later hit an oncoming car near Bay View Terrace. The passenger in that vehicle had to be taken to hospital with whiplash injuries.

The stolen car then headed back into Hugh Town, damaging a bay window in a property near Tregarthen’s Hotel, before being abandoned in the Mermaid car park.

Colin says the Police were called by several concerned residents who saw the car being driven in a way he describes as “shocking.”

The Police do not know who the driver was, but Colin describes him as a thin, white male in his late 40s or early 50s, with grey hair and stubble. He was alone in the car.

Colin says he’s grateful for people who have come forward so far with details. He’s managed to piece together most of the route the driver took but says there are still gaps.

He wants anyone who saw the car to let him know, adding that even the location it was spotted in will be of use in their enquiries.

Colin says he’s “very concerned” to find the driver and he’s treating the incident as aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent.

He says it’s only luck that prevented someone from being seriously injured because the driver appeared to have absolutely no regard for other road users or pedestrians.

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