Healthwatch Want To Hear From Islands’ Private Therapists

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch wants to hear from anyone offering private therapies or care services in Scilly, so she can promote your offering for free.

It’s for the islands’ ‘Living Well’ fair next month. The annual event brings together health providers and voluntary organisations from across the islands and Cornwall.

But Carol is keen that private practitioners offering mental health support, such as counselling, as well as physical therapies, are represented.

She also wants to hear from people offering social care like home help.

Their information will be carried on the Healthwatch stand and handed out to attendees.

Carol says she’ll be getting in touch with the therapists that she knows, but can add new names to the list right up to the evening before the fair.

Healthwatch will also have a comments box and ‘graffiti wall’ for residents to provide feedback on the medical services they receive here and on the mainland.

The fair is being held at Carn Gwaval on the 16th September.