Police Seek Witnesses To Alleged Off-Island Car Theft

police station 4St Mary’s Police are looking for witnesses to an alleged car theft on St Martin’s on Saturday evening.

The owner of the silver Peugeot discovered that their vehicle had been taken on Sunday morning.

It was found near Lower Town Quay. The car keys had been left inside the vehicle but Sergeant Colin Taylor says that’s not unusual for St Martin’s.

Colin wants three people, thought to be Scilly residents, to come forward and say what they saw. He doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong but they might know the identity of the driver.

Taking a vehicle without the owners consent is illegal and Colin says police are dealing with the matter as theft. Colin is appealing to the driver to hand himself or herself in.

A punt was also taken from its running line and left abandoned on the beach untethered on Saturday.

A number of people travelled to St Martin’s on Saturday night for a music event. Colin has made enquiries of residents living near the quay and he says islanders have been very helpful. At this stage in the enquiry Colin says he has no reason to suspect that any St Martin’s resident or seasonal worker is responsible.