School Pupils To Get Afterschool First Aid Club

Beryl Read

Beryl Read

Pupils at the Five Islands School will have a chance to learn first aid this autumn.

The islands’ St John organiser Beryl Read is starting a weekly afterschool club starting in October designed to give an overview of what to do in an emergency situation.

Beryl already goes into school each year to teach year 9 students the basics of first aid.

But the six new sessions, each lasting 30 to 45 minutes, will be tailored to children of all ages.

Beryl says the younger ones will learn about how to talk to people who are injured and get them into the recovery position, while older pupils will get more advanced techniques, such as resuscitation using mannequins.

Beryl says her experience of working with younger children on bandaging and making slings, has demonstrated how much they love learning first aid.

And she says with older students, she only has to show them a video of how to deal with a choking child, to get their full attention.

It’s hoped that if the first sessions go well, the afterschool club can continue.

Beryl has trained a large number of islanders in responding to sickness and injury.

Most start on one of her 3-hour community first aid courses, but she often runs more specialist courses, tailored to the needs of particular business sectors, like boat operators.