Community Archaeology Group To Get ‘Hands On’ Dig Experience

bants carnMembers of Scilly’s new Community Archaeology Group could get the chance to work on an important historical site next month.

Cornwall Council’s Senior Archaeologist Charlie Johns who helps run the group says the Neolithic Stepping Stones team will be back on St Martin’s for three weeks in September.

It means group members will have their first chance for some hands-on dig experience on the internationally important excavation.

Charlie says there’s been a ‘low key’ start to the activities, so that organisers could gauge interest. But so far the members, who range from 5 years up to their 60s, seem to have been enthusiastic so they’re carrying on through the winter.

32 people turned out for the work in July on the old cottage on Tean.

And 17 members helping to clear undergrowth from the kelp pits on Toll’s Island on the 10th August. Charlie said they had “a good result quickly” because the site had become completely hidden by bracken and gorse.

So far they’ve concentrated on clearing scheduled monuments on Wildlife Trust land. That means they’re covered by their insurance and can use their tools.

On the 14th September, Charlie says there’ll be a guided walk on Samson with Alan Brodie from English Heritage.

The group are also planning to tidy up entrance graves on Gugh in October, particularly the chamber at Carn Valla.