Councillors ‘Left Out Of Loop’ Over Airport Parking

airport carpark building work 2014A St Mary’s councillor says he’s annoyed that elected members have been “left out of the loop” over proposals to limit parking at the airport.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough has been told by airport management that there’s a long term plan to restrict parking to pick up and drop off and to stop travellers from leaving cars all day or overnight.

He says some information has been posted on the Town Hall noticeboard.

Gordon wants to know whether charges will be introduced and who will police them. He says he wouldn’t want to see a system like the one introduced at Newquay Airport, where drivers are fined for overstaying the waiting time by a few minutes.

He also doesn’t accept arguments that restricting parking is a way to limit car use on St Mary’s and says there’s plenty of room for the few cars that need to park.

He says he’s had lots of feedback from islanders who are concerned about the plans, especially from patients who need to travel to the mainland for medical appointments.

Gordon says he wants any proposals to be brought before councillors so they can make the decision and he warns that there’ll “be a row” if they’re not.

He says that needs to happen quickly before the airport road resurfacing is complete.

Gordon feels officers have for sometime been asking councillors to make decisions without detailed information being provided.

But he says “the tide has turned” after plans for the £200,000 open-plan office refurbishment of the Town Hall and Wesleyan Chapel were thrown out by members at the last Full Council meeting earlier this month.

Councillors “are not rubber stamps,” says Gordon.

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