Road Resurfacing August 16th

There has been no activity on resurfacing the island roads since the works on Garrison Lane

just over 2 weeks ago because Lagan Construction’s efforts have been concentrated on the airport.

Lagan tell Radio Scilly that equipment was brought to town and

preparation works have been undertaken on Back Lane from the Methodist Church in Well

Cross. Preparation works comprise selective planing of the existing road surface, the raising

of any manhole covers, valve covers and kerbs so all will be level with the new surface.

On Saturday 16th August they will undertake similar preparation work on Rams Valley and

Town Hall Square. This will be followed on Sunday 17th August with further preparation

work on the remainder of the Town Hall Square and Silver Street.

On Monday 18th August and Tuesday 19th August the areas prepared on the previous 3

days will be resurfaced. The order of surfacing will be the same as the order of preparation

so that any roads or streets are left in the “prepared” state for the minimum amount of time.

Work will be done during the day and from Saturday onwards works will commence at 8 am

and finish at approximately 6 or 7 pm (1800 or 1900).

Please take extra care when driving, cycling and walking when the

roadway is in the prepared, planed state as ironwork will protrude

above the existing surface. Not all raised covers will have

individual warning signs.