St Mary’s Harbour Update From Dale Clark

Wave Wall
Work to fill the expansion joints will continue throughout the week. Once completed, the scaffolding to the rear of the quay can then be dismantled.

Quay Surface
All concrete works for the surface is now completed and machinery has been removed from site. There are a number of bays to be painted with a curing agent and when this is completed the walkway can be returned to its normal position. The area available for freight movements has increased this week. The end of the quay remains out of bounds.

There is no scaffolding at the front of the building and any future scaffolding will be with a mobile scaffold tower for individual elements such as cable work etc.

Trench Works
Work continues on the trench works to the rear of the building over this weekend and into next week. Trenches will be back filled as soon as they are ready. Road plates remain in place in a number of places and care must be taken when travelling across them.

Harbourside Building
Over the next week work will continue on the ground floor with partial fencing off of areas at the front of the building at times. Work continues on the first floor inside the building.

Airport Project
The cargo vessel River Trader will remain at anchor until Saturday at 18:00 when she will proceed alongside and commence discharge. It is expected that the discharge will be completed on Sunday evening after which she will return to Granville for more stone. At this stage we are expecting an additional 3 deliveries of stone (after this weekend).

Scillonian III / Gry Maritha
The Scillonian III is now on a 7 day a week schedule. Please note that the arrival time on Saturdays is now 13:00 and departure time 15:00.
The Gry Maritha will keep her usual 3 visits per week.
Please do not bring vehicles onto the quay if they are not being loaded immediately – there is no parking space available for commercial vans to wait to be loaded!

Off Island Quays
The temporary storage sheds are on the quay.
The off island pick-up/drop off is open 24/7 and people are requested to use this rather than clutter up the waiting room.

Cruise Ships
This weekend we welcome the return of the Azamara Journey. She is due to visit both Tresco & St. Mary’s on Sunday from 13:00 – 19:00 with approx. 700 passengers

Other Ships
The Border Force vessel Protector visited yesterday and departed today. Trinity House vessel Mair has been here this week carrying out work on the Woolpack Beacon. It is hoped that she will replace the top mark this evening but weather conditions have not been in their favour and it is expected she will return in September. Work to replace the light on the Crow Beacon has also taken place after we reported that the new light was very dim and hard to make out.

Quay works
As you may have heard, the final funding for the long awaited quay extension, widening, freight storage, passenger walkway & waiting area has been announced by the Secretary of State for transport. This good news will see work start this September and we will keep you fully informed with the progress of this.