FRIST Says Scilly’s Harbour Improvements Need To be Matched In Penzance

Penzance Harbour

Penzance Harbour

Transport campaign group FRIST say they will continue their call for affordable year-round travel.

Their comments follow the Transport Minister’s statement that he wouldn’t discuss subsidies at this stage.

FRIST Co-ordinator Marian Bennett says the group is pleased that the government has awarded funds for improving and extending St Mary’s quay.

And they hope that the dredging at Penzance Harbour will enable access whatever the height of tide.

But FRIST say they’re unhappy that the improved St Mary’s facilities are not being matched in Penzance, where they claim passengers will continue to suffer when it is raining or when spray overtops the harbour wall. They are questioning whether the funding will really achieve what Minister Patrick McLoughlin said would be a “huge difference to the people of Scilly and also to visitors to the islands.”

FRIST say they agree that air and ferry services will benefit from infrastructure improvements but their target remains an affordable, reliable, all year round transport service.

The Secretary of State did not refuse to look at underwriting the service, but wanted to see what difference the new runways at Land’s End airport will make during the coming winter.

FRIST say that work should solve the waterlogging problem of he past two winters and improve reliability, but they claim that it will not help in fog and won’t deal with the issue of affordability.

Marian tells Radio Scilly news that without service improvements and lower fares, transport will remain the biggest challenge facing the economy and welfare of Scilly.

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