Council Won’t Answer Questions On Water Use As More Roadworks Announced

lagan roadwork signThe Council won’t say whether the additional building and road works, announced as part of a £10m funding package by Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin on Wednesday, is likely to lead to more water restrictions on St Mary’s.

The Council introduced a hosepipe ban on 1st August, claiming that dry weather had led to the water table falling to a third of its usual level.

But an email from Senior Manager for Infrastructure Craig Dryden to councillors last week revealed that the airport project and re-surfacing of roads also increased water consumption significantly in June and July, the highest levels since 2011.

25 roads on the island are set to be surfaced in the next phase or works, including Hugh Street and Telegraph.

We asked the Council whether the new work will put additional strain on the water reserves and if water use restrictions would be extended into September.

We also asked if the Authority needs to consult with the Environment Agency to agree a water management plan for St Mary’s.

They didn’t answer our questions but the press office issued this statement: “The Authority is unable to comment on these matters at this time. Any additional steps to preserve the St Marys water supply will be reviewed in due course with appropriate action being taken to notify the community in the event further restrictions are necessary.”

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