St Mary’s Methodist Minister Speaks At National Conference

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

The St Mary’s Methodist Minister has called for more information on same-sex marriage so the church can debate the issue properly.

Reverend Charlie Gibbs made the call as a speaker at the annual Methodist Conference in Birmingham.

The event brings together over 300 representatives and ministers from Methodism all over the world.

Charlie says he has been asked what he thinks but he can’t make a judgement until he has been offered a balanced viewpoint on what the bible says and how the context of marriage has changed over the years.

But he says he’ll devote much of the time in his four Friday fellowship evenings in September to discuss the issue.

The annual event for the Methodist Church also heard concerns over the 30% fall in church attendance numbers experienced nationally over the past decade and the increasing age profile of the church.

Charlie says that mirrors C of E figures.

The conference voted in Reverend Steven Wild, a familiar face in Scilly and a regular at church events on St Mary’s, as President of the Church for a year from next June.

It means that the minister, who is based in Truro, takes the most senior role within Methodism in 2015.