MP Confirms More Road Resurfacing Money For Scilly

roadworks 2014There’ll be more resurfacing of roads on St Mary’s later this summer.

Scilly’s MP Andrew George has confirmed that £1.8 million in funding will be offered by the government for the remaining busier St Mary’s roads, which have not been treated under the recent programme of works by Lagan Construction.

The full details of the money will be announced during the visit of Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin to the islands tomorrow.

The government is awarding the cash to make full use of the specialist batching plant equipment that’s been brought over to resurface St Mary’s airport runway.

Mr George says he welcomes the government announcement and the news that the Minister will confirm the go ahead for the harbour improvements to St Mary’s, with additional dredging work in Penzance.

Work to extend the quay to enhance freight and passenger facilities, provide storm resilience and more options for a future Scillonian vessel should start this August.

Andrew described the announcement as a campaign success for Scilly, after he put forward the case for the transport investments.

But he says he hopes that the Minister won’t use it as “a misguided attempt” to advance the cause of the local Tory candidate in the upcoming election.

Andrew says that the Secretary of State knows that he is bringing forward plans for a helicopter service between Penzance and the islands, which may require an element of Government underwriting.

AgustaWestland has offered the use of their new aircraft for the route so they can showcase their new helicopters.

He says he has already requested support from the Minister and colleagues to help Scilly re-establish the rotary link and feels it is vital that the Secretary of State comes with a willingness to listen and engage.

And the MP says he’s also asked the Department for Transport to support his efforts to take Penzance’s ambition to establish an offshore breakwater to the next phase. He wants money for the town to commission a study into possible designs.

Andrew says the improved infrastructure will benefit people travelling to and from Scilly and encourage more sailors to Penzance and the region.

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