Councillor Seeks Assurances Over New Jobs

town hall 4A long-serving councillor says he’s been assured that all staff moving to new roles in the authority will have their performance evaluated on a regular basis.

During a debate on new office space at last week’s Full Council meeting, Cllr David Pearson said staff would be in the unfortunate position where they’re on probation for the first six months, and that was going to be stressful.

And he felt that senior managers needed to have been in their roles for at least six months “to know that they can do the jobs.”

But Cllr Pearson told Radio Scilly yesterday that he’d checked out the legal situation with the Town Hall and has been told that staff moving from existing Local Government positions won’t be on probation.

This only applies for people taking up positions in Local Government for the first time, he says.

Staff will be evaluated regularly on their performance and this applies “from the Chief Executive downward” says David.

He says in the past, the Chairman of Council and Chair and Vice Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee reviewed the authority’s most senior post, but the Council might also decide to bring in an independent assessor.