Classical Opera Coming To The Islands Next Month

tresco new grimsby 2A quartet of opera singers will be performing in Scilly next month. And it was all arranged on a cruise ship almost 6,000 miles away, off the coast of Brazil.

The ‘Canteremo’ performers have been invited by Tresco Abbey Gardens Curator, Mike Nelhams, who saw them perform while he was on the MV Minerva in February.

Mike was giving lectures on board and was approached by the singers following an after-dinner talk he gave about the gardens and Scilly. They saw it and wanted to come.

Mike says the quartet were so good that he couldn’t refuse their offer.

Although they’re classically trained, he says their music covers everything from traditional opera to Gilbert and Sullivan and songs from musicals.

They’ll be arriving here on the 9th September for just under a week and will give a performance on Tresco as well as one at the Parish Church on St Mary’s.

Mike says his talks on board the ship seem to have encouraged lots of passengers to come and take a look at the islands, with several popping in to the Abbey Gardens for a tour.

Final dates for the performances are still being finalised.