History Of Flower Farming Features In New Tourist Attraction

narcissi exhibitionSt Mary’s has another new visitor attraction, the third to open this summer.

In addition to the recently unveiled Holy Vale Winery and Buzza Tower camera obscura, Mainland Marketing has now opened an exhibition explaining the role that flower farming on St Mary’s and St Agnes has played in shaping Scilly over the past 150 years.

Selina Crookes says that staff at the business, which handles the majority of St Mary’s flower exports, have been working over the summer to bring together the archive.

The display also gives details on how flower farming operated during the Second World War and how important the sector is to the islands’ economy today.

The exhibition is open during the summer in the space that becomes a working shed between November and April. It’s at the top of airport hill, just to the left of the airport turning.

During the winter and spring, workers based there handle up to 15 million stems of scented Narcissi.